The Tango Organizing Splits...

Like an amoeba!

I'm not entirely sure I have come to this point, but I am now nominally "hosting" two tango events this coming weekend. Tango Experience, of course, has been an ongoing host-gig of mine; certainly it has been a somewhat lackadaisical version of hosting, since David tends to most of the logistics. Mostly I show up and teach a bit and maybe (if I'm lucky) dj the evening. I rarely help set up or take down and have no financial skin in the game. Although I do promote! With kind of disturbing Facebook event pages that glean few RSVPs. But hey, they entertain me. And scare others. Case in point:

Experience A Second Helping of Tofurkey Tango

It's just *nearly* Thanksgiving and what better way to prepare for those copious portions of gratitude, food, and family (or tango festivals, depending on how forgiving your family might be) than tango!?! And what better practice for those Black Friday sales battles and tense political "discussions" at the family table then kicking up your sharpest stilettos? Whether to celebrate the year with us, to make room for the impending family feast, or to show off your recently purchased holiday finery... we hope you'll find time and reason to have a little T(h)ango(skiving) celebration Tango Popolare-style!

Despite being hobbled with recovery from surgery, hardy and hearty David Imburgia is insisting the show must go on. If any of you would like to express your gratitude by offering to push him off of heavy lifting duty, please let him know!

Entrada is $10 for our full time attendees, $7 for nite owl.

*FOR STUDENTS* - $7 and a little BOGO-a-go-go:. Bring a pal and dance for free.

So yes, the extent of my organizing is showing up and making weird private jokes for myself.

A student/comrade of mine has long griped about the lack of an event quite to his taste... and he's decided to put his kvetching to the side in order to make his own event. This appears to be a "guided practica" although the definition of this tends to be evolving. I was initially receptive to taking a more active role, when my perfect-tanda-mate was rumored to be interested. As of course "that's interesting" rarely actually means "and so I'm committed to doing xyz - sign me up!" and sometimes overly eager organizers have yet to know this... well I've decided to take a less active role. But, I am the lady with the connection to The Blue Moon and I think people tend to think well of my dancing - or my low-key approach to dancing and sense of humor about the whole thing - enough that attaching my name to an event doesn't hurt it. So I am responsible for opening and closing and otherwise promoting.

Since my Tango Experience cohost is having surgery this week, I'd thought he was planning to cancel the event this weekend, so suggested we schedule the practica for this Friday. I'd forgotten my cohost has no common sense and can be a bit of a masochist about making the show go on. Ah well. Action packed tango weekend!!

Tango Lab Practica

Doug and Adella are opening the doors and floors of the Blue Moon Ballroom for some serious tango mixology with DJ Kristi Hug!

Multiple studies show that the best way to improve your skills is through deliberate practice - focused work on elements, building off of your prior abilities, experimentation, and *lots* of focused immediate feedback.

Evolve, play, and work on your dance in a safe supportive environment. Music, mirrors, and and floor are free. Input, guidance and suggestions are available from experienced dancers.

This is not a class or a dance party, but a place to put your moves to the test and refine them. All styles and levels welcome.

This month's movement focus will be sacadas and barridas. 8:00 p.m. - 10:00. Free entry, but donations and snacks are accepted!

I really have little idea what to expect from the latter event. I'm not keen on getting too embroiled with the administrative or political attributes of any tango community at this point. I sometimes chide Bellingham for it's particularly partisan tone when it comes to tango, but I can't say that this isn't what you'll find behind closed doors of any community. It does seem like there are personality conflicts healing or flaring between almost every organizer in town - I'd almost forgotten some of them, until a few people reminded me of little nooks and crannies still behind those mutual smiles. And working with artistic types with vision can always be daunting. Especially when their vision is grandiose but perhaps not congruent with yours or the guests' particularities. But for one month at least it sounds like it could be fun. And at least there's space for Mr. (W)right to do his homework in the back so I don't dissolve with guilt about his back-to-back tango obligations.

Wish me luck!
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