Unlaborious Labor Day Weekend

My dearest father gave me the belated gift of gastrointeritis, or some other lingering malady that I can only marginally wax and rhapsodize into something romantic... and it's really not the time for consumptive wallowing. But it has put a bit of a stopper to my last blast of white pants, barbecues, and um straw hats.Not much of one, but something keeping me shy of wandering around crowded mall parking lots in an RV with canoes, kayaks, and bikes strapped to the back, So perhaps I should thank my dad for the virus after all!

The week leading into the long weekend was equally long. Not in chronological time necessarily, as the multiple ten hour days was already leading into a free Friday before it morphed into a sick-day. But I, for my part, actually have active clients at the moment. And active clients are often up to no good. There's a steady pattern for clients: they vanish for months, refusing to return calls or emails, and more or less swatting their metaphorical hand at you asking you to go away and stop reminding them of their romantic troubles... UNTIL, of course, the fecal matter splats the air conditioning unit and everything must be done NOW. In fairness, this is not applicable to all clients. Sometimes circumstances require intervals of a lope-sprint-lope-spring nature. And sometimes, clients relentlessly require constant attention fifteen times a day regardless of what is happening, but I speak to generalities. 

I did my first three way in some time (yep, lawyer, don't even chuckle to say this any more), rather last minute, as the parents have a less than ideal communication protocol and different ideas about where their child should start school in a couple of days. It went well, I think. I got them to sign something that's not entirely satisfying to either of them, but which works for both... so far. I think I finally understand their incredibly complicated schedule. We're meeting again and I will be bringing a huge white board calendar at least. I enjoyed this meeting, even if I didn't know it would be happening until about twelve hours before it was and was followed immediately by another appointment. Since that was on Tuesday, and my mom was continuing going for the world record of most deadlined crazy hearings in a single lifetime... it was a bit of a slog from there to the end.

The weekend has been a tad fetid, but rather victorious. Andrew and I went to the Bike Swap on Saturday and he found a good deal. 

Yes, a new necklace! 

I found some pretty bikes that i don't need, but felt the need to photograph.

We went from this victory to the new Expendables movie: *2 Expendables 2 Awesome*. Seriously, this the  Wasteland of action movies from my childhood. Or Brady Bunch reunion show of action movies from my childhood. From Arnold saying both "I'll be back" and "I'm back" to Chuck Norris telling his own Chuck Norris joke to Jet Li leaping out of a plane, saying "It's ok, you'll find another minority" to Dolf revealing that he was a Fulbright Scholar (seriously) from MIT before he went deranged by writing Einstein's theory of relativity on a tissue and then blowing his nose on it. And yes, the end will feature Stallone hand-fighting Van Damme, while Bruce Willis, Arnold, Chuck, Jason Statham, Dolph, hot Chinese lady, and some random eastern european baddies destroy an Alabanian (I think) airport. 

And - how appropriate - from this to WEDDING PLANNING! Penny was fully flummoxed when I answered her excited "so how is the wedding planning go" with a shrug and a "well I left messages for a couple of caterers finally" and indicated it wasn't really something I was into.

 But hell, we pulled the trigger a bit this weekend after the comforting revelation that we're actually still seven months out, so not horribly behind really. We had a menu of options from caterers, a checklist from theknot.com, a site of wedding invite templates, and our massive brains as resources. And in just a confused afternoon: We got the invites ordered, decided we don't want florists/photographers/wedding insurance, Andrew agreed to take on talking to hotels for out of town guests, I remembered the password for our incomplete "wedding site," we made a makeshift schedule for the wedding "ceremony," and planned out what to theoretically order from the caterers in terms of drinks/desserts/foods to kind of fit our budget. Yes, we're basically going to Costco and buying a platter of Kibbles and Bits with some Tang for the vegetarians! Dessert will be mints that we will begin stealing from banks and restaurants now.

Of course immediately afterwards, we went to dinner at Nate and Azita's and they had great suggestions that Andrew totally loved so ... we may be back to square rubix on this one. This is why the first rule of wedding planning ought to be do not talk about wedding planning. And the third rule should be, if this is your first night at wedding planning, you must fight...wait, ok maybe not.

But yes, dinner. In the midst of the ailing haze of Sunday, Andrew and I went to Nate and Azita's where they had cooked up an insanely elaborate spread of indian food and pie (oh only three different kinds) as a belated birthday celebration. It was served with perfectly matching serving ware, and spaced out between their lovely patio and couch. I offered that some day I would have to reciprocate, but they'd be sitting on pillows, drinking out of plastic cups and eating microwaved food. I stayed blessedly awake and cognizant the entire time, and we ate roughly twenty pounds of food between us. And then their beagle ripped the head off of her Clifford dog toy, and basked in her glories by humping Andrew's arm. Now that's what I call a perfect evening!

At any rate, now it is The Nominal Day of Labor during which I have in fact not labored particularly much. I am recovering of course. Wishing you all a day in which we pass a moment of reflection on the legacy of labor in this country while fighting over that 70% off scarf in the bargain bin!

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