The J.D.-But-Not-Attorney Party Doesn't Have the Same Ring as Bachelor Party Does It??

Tomorrow I officially get sworn in to the Washington State Bar as an Attorney at Law. That's right, I will no longer just be THE LAW DOCTOR (J.D.'s gotta mean something, right? And I've gotta be obnoxious, don't I??). I will be a tried and true shark authorized to tell people things that my malpractice insurance shall rue twenty years down the road! Yes, this time tomorrow, I will be completely allowed to hold the lives/livelihoods/trust/finances of others in a terrifying fiduciary relationship. Be afraid!! Be very afraid!!

The swearing-in is a ceremony involving oaths given by officials and a major lifetime commitment (that can ended with a fair deal of public embarrassment), so basically it is like getting married to WSBA. It's the culmination of three years of investment, planning, sacrifice and struggle and will be a deeply emotional time marking a milestone in my life. It is also, as mentioned, a commitment full of promises about future behavior and dedication.. Leading to this point was a blood-chilling level of time, emotional energy and money thrown into making this day possible.

Instead of wedding invitations and save the date cards, I have business cards and announcements in the bar news. Instead of a license, I get a WSBA number. Instead of a white dress, I'll probably wear a suit (ok, my getting married won't involve a white dress either because that is *so* not my color). On second thought, maybe I really should wear a wedding dress to my swearing in. Instead of my parents "giving me away," my mom - as mentor and boss - will be "introducing" me. Oh and there will be handshakes and hugs and many congratulations from people I somewhat know, but mostly know of. And well, it's in a courtroom and I'm pretty sure they took all their seating from pews so denominational or not...

So, since today is my last day as a non-lawyer, what I wanna know is: where is my legal equivalent of a bachelor party? Do I get to go out tonight and break every single rule of professional conduct? Draft wills giving myself big legacies for non-family members? Contract for media rights to clients' stories? Make defamatory comments about judges? I just don't know. Or do I celebrate one last day by defying the lifestyle itself - e.g. Not drink heavily, suffer depression and anxiety, or pet my smartphone more than my cat?? Do I dress up as a fairy princess, make completely visceral comments on recent press-covered jury trials, and use the word "clearly" without any kind of "well it depends" qualification?

Also, do I get a bar-swearing-in cake? First dance??

Advice? Suggestions? All will be considered.

Also, I can't seem to cut and paste the official bar announcement with my photo, but this was the announcement my mom published in the Bar News:

LawOffice of Pamela E Englett, PLLC is proud to announce that Adella Thompson, daughter of Pam Englett, is joining the firm.  Adella will be sworn in on November 4, 2011.  She graduated with honors from the University of Washington Law School and will be practicing Family Law.  She has a couple years of mediation training and practice and has completed the Collaborative Law training.  She comes with a background that includes dancing and teaching Argentine Tango and was the Dance Sport Champion of the 2007 Star Ball in Seattle.  She is accepting new dance students now and will be accepting Family Law clients after November 4, 2011! J

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